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          Date:Hello,Welcome to Shenzhen BANGYU Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.!
          Corporate Culture
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          Corporate Culture

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          In summer, the scorching sun. Just enter August, also comes in summer. Today Guangdong Conghua temperatures as high as 35 degrees more is in such a weather environment, Shenzhen BANGYU all staff of the company still braved the summer heat laughter all the way, drove hundreds of kilometers to the mountain of Liuxi River National Forest Park angle: Conghua Liang Kou Town, Yiyang resort.

          Regardless of the employees and the road fatigue, just eat the meal, everyone at the station held a spectacular fun sports competitions.

          Basketball three group games, badminton mixed team competition, swimming team and individual competitions, the game colorful, fun, feel excited!

          To obtain the position of the team to the team competition for the glory, reflecting the focus of the team spirit, so that they feel the work of the more intimate with nature and style activities brought about by the incomparable happiness and enhance the unity of life fun.

          The event was organized by the union of the company, the theme of the event is: set the landscape tourism and fun style festival. Intended to staff centripetal force and enhance the harmonious labor relations, increase the employees to each other between labor friendship and make the employees of state Yu company future harmonious development with great confidence.

          We have reason to believe that: BANGYU company will more along the path of the new science and technology development, brand development, quality and efficiency of development to move on. BANGYU tomorrow will be better!


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