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          Date:Hello,Welcome to Shenzhen BANGYU Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.!
          Presidents Speech
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          Presidents Speech

          General manager:

          Respect for the old and new customers: till speech to the old and ushering in the new, I wish to extend, on behalf of the Shenzhen City State Yu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. all the staff, for many years to give care and support our national printing industry colleagues, the most sincere respect and good wishes!

          At the beginning of the new year, let us also start anew. Towards the success of the other side need wisdom and courage, but also need to meet new challenges. Heart to heart is committed to the UV professional R & D and innovation, climb to the top of the UV curing technology of peak, we BANGYU people strenuously pursuit and exploration target. Over a decade of experience in the manufacture of UV, we have not only mastered the core technology of the UV curing system, but also in the printing field with each passing day to share the fruitful results of successful cases!

          Our main business UV professional brand, to strive for excellence and excellent technology; strengthen the experience of enterprise management strength, strict quality control, passed the ISO9001 quality management certification; implement the EU security system certification standards systematically in the round; make our products from the amount of accumulated leap to the matter of height. On the basis of 5 patents awarded by the state, still continue to apply for 3 patents, to fill the gaps in the field of science and technology in UV.

          We know that customers of [UV] BANGYU trust and recognition, we also know that the development of UV historical mission. For this reason, it is such a powerful spiritual force, greatly encouraged us BANGYU people from beginning to end to the "customer is God" business philosophy, and based on the development strategy, always adhere to the "quality decides survival, product is the character" product value, always adhere to the "customer needs is our responsibility" business as a magic weapon!


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