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          Filter quartz

          Filter, coated quartz insulation sheet

          Name:Filter, coated quartz insulation sheet
          Details : Description: coated quartz film is a low-loss high-reflective quartz reflector, while absorbing infrared, ultraviolet transmittance of up to 95% better thermal insulation. UV equipment is low in the design of the preferred option. Choose a variety of imported quartz quartz reflective sheet insulation sheet cooled quartz tube, quartz reflective sheet, also known as quartz UV cold mirror (UV cold mirror plane: the role of blocking infrared IR transparent ultraviolet UVA band; UV cold mirror surface, the role of communication through infrared IR. reflection band ultraviolet UVA).
          Features: The infrared part of the light generated by the ultraviolet UV filter out and reduce the heat of the irradiated material, can effectively through the ultraviolet, infrared reflection, and with the use of shade can play a very good heat insulation.
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