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          LED-UV curing system

          LED-UV curing system

          Name:LED-UV curing system
          Details :

          Bang Yu, the company is committed to provide industry wide UV solutions, our products cover UV application industry. It has been widely used in many fields, UV glue, fixed lens, LCD packaging, UV ink drying, UV coating. UV led to industrial production will undoubtedly provide a better choice, the advantage is unmatched by traditional mercury, along with the development of LED technology, high power LED applications has made vigorous development, and obtained good curing effect. BANGYU company in high-power UV-LED package to fill the domestic blank, especially in high power matrix package, the use of independent patent technology, on the basis of fully solving the heat, integrated light distribution system to fully enhance the chip light efficiency. From the early adhesive curing, to need higher power of the ink curing, to a greater range of paint curing, UV LED in alternative traditional mercury has achieved rapid development, the green, efficient, simple production, UV LED technology will deep into every field of industrial production!

          The preheating, instant start, rapid curing

          The non thermal radiation, cold light irradiation

          The single wavelength energy is more concentrated (provide mixed wavelength)

          The safe operation - no UVB, no ozone, low voltage, no mercury

          The irradiation time, irradiation power can be set

          The area of uniform irradiation of light curing

          The LED life of more than 20000 hours

          The energy attenuation is very small

          The design of small size, lightweight

          The arbitrary size irradiation, meet different needs

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