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          Intelligent UV elect

          Intelligent UV non - polarity - modulated optical power supply

          Name:Intelligent UV non - polarity - modulated optical power supply
          Details : With the development of UV curing technology, UV curing becomes more simple and quick, intelligent integration of UV power chip technology, high-frequency switching power supply technology and IGBT inverter technology and other modern electronic power technology so that the products with energy-efficient, stable and reliable , control precision, small size, light weight, pluggable connections, easier repair and maintenance, at the same power compared to the sinusoidal power output of a conventional transformer electronic transformer high-frequency square wave power output can produce 30% more UV, power factor can reach 99 percent, the electronic control high-frequency output of the square wave output than traditional control methods in the stability lot, stable output to ensure the stability of the drying effect, extend the UV lamp life, lower production cost, etc., which are mainly used in the printing industry UV, UV curing industry, UV coating industry, wood manufacturing power to replace traditional UV (UV transformer + capacitor + tRIAC dimmers) is the ideal power source, power regulation 5 % - 100% stepless dimming refining output power control .. really achieve energy saving ideas. For a detailed technical description or request information, please call the Division I can Department Tel: 0755-26723058 26723061
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