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          The advantages and disadvantages of UV curing system

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          1 advantages

          1.1 UV curing technology began to reflect a major advantage is that the initial investment in UV curing system is less, compared with hot air drying equipment investment, UV curing system can save 80% of the funds in the equipment investment.

          1.2 UV light curing another advantage is to increase the production efficiency, improve the quality of printed matter, so that the printing product diversification.

          1.3 the most prominent advantage is that the UV light curing will not be in the printing workshop and the surrounding environmental emissions of organic volatile, conducive to environmental protection.

          2 disadvantages

          The 2.1 cooling system for suction, easy to cause the lamp and reflector cover pollution.

          2.2 because of the diameter of the lamp tube, it is not easy to focus on the design, the intensity of light is less.

          2.3 the lamp is easy to decay, and the lamp is easy to consume.

          2.4 the UV light and IR light ratio of the lamp tube is 3 to 7.

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