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          Date:Hello,Welcome to Shenzhen BANGYU Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd.!
          Company Dynamics

          BANGYU successfully developed UV--C type low temperature UV lampshade!

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          1 C UV type lamp is on the basis of A type and B type lamp R & D success, is the third generation of products.

          The lampshade is widely used in a variety of domestic and foreign production of offset printing machine, rotary gravure printing machine and so on installation of equipment is the latest UV curing system unit lampshade.

          2 lamp shade unit cooling water circulating guide tube from the original high strength of imported silicone tube (four) exposed type diversion, to shell and shutter and connected into S type diversion way.

          3. To change the original four pipe diversion in the design of some defects, solved because of the silicone tube cross twist strength, hose clamps to lock difficult to dismantle the drawbacks, Bihaijiuli the shade at both ends of the narrow space appears to be more relaxed, more reasonable layout.

          4 diversion pipeline from the Ming to the dark, not only improve the shutter shutter of the pneumatic mechanical torque, but also save the silicon tube, convenient maintenance, reduce the cost.

          5 to fill the gap in the current UV C type of the first introduction of the, an increase of UV technology design content, so that the overall appearance of the UV and the internal structure of the internal structure of a qualitative leap, that is, simple and elegant appearance.

          6 lamp replacement is more convenient, save time, effort, 3 minutes to complete a single.

          7 lamp shade shutter mechanical slider to high precision bearing. Easy, easy to solve the slider friction mechanical safety risk, improve the processing precision of coefficient, to ensure that no fault. After tens of thousands of times, the performance of the test, the technical performance of the same product quality standards.

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