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          Discussion on how to install UV drying system for general offset printing press

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          The general offset printing press for UV transformation, the 6 key steps of the offset printing machine are as follows:

          1 additional UV curing device

          UV curing light source is generally added metal halide lamps or high-pressure mercury lamp. Notes are as follows:

          1) install reflector

          If not installed reflector, about 80% of the UV light for diffuse to reach print on the surface, so the UV lamp must install the lamp shade, in order to make the reflected UV light and agglomeration in the printed surface. At the same time, also need to keep clean and maintenance of the reflection cover, paper powder or powder if the attachment in the reflector, effects of UV light reflection effect. If the UV lamp is not used for a long time, it should be closed to the UV lamp shade to prevent the dust from entering.

          2) select the high performance energy control device

          The main function of this device is to ensure that the UV energy emitted by the UV lamp is stable in order to maintain the efficiency and stability, and can meet the needs of different printing speed.

          3) cooling device can not be ignored

          The performance of the cooling device corresponding to the UV curing device is also in accordance with the requirements. The better the performance, the less heat, the smaller the deformation is, the more conducive to the printing and sets.

          2 replacement roller and blanket

          UV curable offset ink because of its corrosion resistance may lead to ordinary printing ink roller, blanket expansion, influence printing pressure stable, serious when, will produce peeling or external fragmentation. Therefore the UV offset roller and blanket requirements, rollers, blanket selection must be compatible with the UV offset printing ink. Notes are as follows:

          1) Mo Gun

          The rollers need to be replaced or a combination of the special UV. EPDM rubber or silicone rubber is usually made of rubber roller, the best in the hardness of Shaw's 40. Above

          2) blanket

          The blanket need to be replaced or a combination of the special UV. You can use the following two kinds of rubber blanket.

          UV special blanket: adding anti UV resin composition blanket mixture, can be resistant to irradiation of UV light, blanket is not easy powder.

          UV self-adhesive blanket: rubber containing anti UV resin, for UV printing, prolonging the service life.

          3 replacement of paper teeth

          The gripper in ordinary UV lamp irradiation, dental parts will heat distortion, effect of registration and printing. So there is a UV curing device on the machine with the paper teeth must be replaced with UV special paper teeth. Ordinary offset printing machine to carry out the requirements of paper teeth is not very strict.

          4 replacement of special plate

          Plate can use UV private or private edition, but also of ordinary plate for heat treatment to obtain, ordinary PS version according to the conventional method of sun dried, baked version 10 minutes to 15 minutes (temperature 250 DEG C). CTP version also need to bake for 10 minutes to 15 minutes (250 degrees C).

          5 select the appropriate fountain solution

          The fountain solution should choose fountain solution does not contain too much gum in Arabia.

          6 select the appropriate ink cleaning agent.

          Ink cleaning agent to select the UV printing, using ordinary ink cleaning agent will damage UV printing plate.


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