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          The long-awaited CHINA PRINT 2013 Beijing BANGYU UV glory

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          The long-awaited CHINA PRINT 2013 Beijing BANGYU UV glory

          The much anticipated the eighth Beijing International Printing Exhibition (China print 2013) will in May 2013 14-18 days at the China International Exhibition Center held will to a comprehensive display of world printing industry of new technologies and new products as the goal, through and around the world printing and equipment industry colleagues exchanges and dialogue, for the both supply and demand and China's printing industry to bring new development opportunities. Display area will reach 120000 square meters, is expected to reach 160000 viewers. As China's most influential international printing exhibition, PRINT CHINA will serve as the best for the professional audience, for the professional audience, the most advanced and applicable technology and exhibits.

          BANGYU UV will carry the latest equipment, to participate in the exhibition, welcome colleagues to visit the booth guide.

           the company belongs to the Beijing Institute of electric light. Is set UV light source (UV) independent research and development, production, sales in one of the professional design, manufacturing, management of independent Incorporated Company. Established in 1996, "Shenzhen City State Yu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd." is the general taxpayer enterprises, registered capital of 500 million yuan, has passed the European CE certification. The company has a number of proficient in printing process, mechanical design and manufacturing, after-sales service, quality tracking of outstanding professional and technical personnel. More than ten years based on UV curing high and new technology development and innovation, in order to dare to develop ideas for people to create a UV product quality strategy. Has been recognized in the domestic UV printing industry, to establish a first-class "BANGYU" brand image.

           the company relies on a strong UV R & D professional and technical strength and high quality personnel through self confidence, hard research, pragmatic innovation, and actively use all kinds of modern production design, the use of machine, electricity, gas and PLC computer data control, UV curing drying system developed from IR red UV cold light source curing system for more than ten years, has accumulated a mature professional manufacturing strength.

           Company customers cover Guangdong, Fujian, Yun, GUI, Sichuan, Shandong, Henan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi,, Beijing, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, northeast provinces and other parts of the country. Installed in the entrance offset machine: Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, KOMORI, Mitsubishi, Ryobi etc.. Gravure: Rudi, Komori Naokuni, BOBST game, ATN CMR, France, France Italy gold seal. The domestic and foreign satellite, flexo, rotary intermittent label printing machine. Independent R & D and production of screen printing (air cooling, water cooling) UV curing equipment. And with the Shanghai Guanghua, Jiangxi Zhongjing, Shaanxi beiren, Guangdong Zhongshan Songde etc. printing machinery and equipment production enterprises established an offset printing press, gravure printing machine, coating machine installation "UV curing and drying system machine matching relations of cooperation.

           Company uphold: "products such as character, such as the quality of life" business philosophy, always adhere to customer needs is our responsibility as their bounden duty, advocating the "good faith, customers only. Solemn commitment to the company: 24 hours of domestic aviation maintenance services; the whole machine after sale for life tracking service.

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